Our Locations

In 1984, a partnership was formed by individual Pepsi-Cola bottlers who collectively wished to pursue additional franchises.

That same year, the Partners acquired the Pepsi-Cola franchise in Lincoln, Nebraska. This franchise includes 7 counties in southeast Nebraska.

In 1986, LinPepCo purchased the South Sioux City, Nebraska. This franchise includes 10 counties in a three state area.

LinPepCo acquired the Topeka, Kansas facility in 1989. The Topeka location services 8 counties in Kansas.

In 1997, LinPepCo began operating a full service vending company in our Lincoln facility. In 2000, LinPepCo purchased a similar company in South Sioux City, Nebraska. LinPepCo provides various degrees of snack services throughout all of our franchises.

In 2008, LinPepCo acquired the Alliance, Nebraska franchise which has warehouses in Alliance, Sidney and Valentine. The Alliance franchise services 21 counties in Nebraska and South Dakota.

In 2014, LinPepCo acquired the Hastings, Nebraska franchise. The Hastings location services 9 counties in Nebraska and Kansas.

LinPepCo is proud of all our facilities and pride ourselves on our service to our customers. We will continue to make service to our customers a priority and we strive to provide an environment for our employees to prosper.