BUBBL’R Pitaya Berry Nect’r

Say hello to the quirky super-fruit with a sweet sidekick known as pitaya berry nect’r!  Don’t be shy, this friendly flavor is sure to refresh and energize you for whatever’s next on your to-do list!  You’ve got this!

BUBBL’R Cherry Guava Blend’r

Who knew that a sweet, freshly picked cherry would make such dazzling camaraderie with the mild-mannered guava fruit? Described as a flavor somewhere between pears and strawberries on the imaginary flavor scale, the guava fruit blends seamlessly with its dulcet counterpart to create a marvelous mixture worthy of memory and merit that will leave you sipping and smiling all week long.

BUBBL’R Cranberry Grapefruit Sparkl’r

With a sparkling smile and a spitfire personality, Cranberry Grapefruit Sparkl’r will leave you with a bittersweet taste that’ll leave you wanting more. Cranberry strikes you with its tart sensations, while grapefruit sweetens it up with a refreshing citrus finish!

BUBBL’R Twisted Elix’r

One cannot simply dive into this one, but must shimmy and dance through the delightful flavors. Do the tango with raspberry, throw it back to the 60s while twisting with lime, and jive it out with the citrus clan! This flavor is one to remember!

BUBBL’R Pomegranate Acai Refresh’r

Known typically for their exuberant amount of antioxidants, the pomegranate and acai feel it’s time for you to get to know them a little bit better. Get caught up in their bubbly personality and ride the high of the natural caffeine found within, all while sipping on this flavor’s refreshing taste!

BUBBL’R Blood Orange Mango Mingl’r

Forget online dating and awkward mingling in a room filled with people you don’t know, even more so, don’t care to know. Get to know a flavor you wouldn’t mind a long-term, put-a-ring-on-it type of relationship. Commit to the notable first taste of blood oranges, then drift away on the honeymoon-like effect of tropical mangos. Wowzah!