Township 9 Coffee

LinPepCo’s dedication to customer satisfaction doesn’t stop with soft drinks.

Coffee is a natural extension of our current company and product line. Township 9 Coffee is owned by LinPepCo and offers high quality coffee roasts (light, medium, dark or flavored), everyday favorites and season cappuccino flavors and premium hot cocoa and iced tea.

Township 9 coffee beans come from all over the world.  All coffee beans are Rainforest Alliance Certified and roasted in Dubuque, IA through Roasting Solutions.

Our pricing, award-winning service and quality product will be our competitive advantage.

Tri Valley Blend

A medium roast coffee with a hint of vanilla, caramel and coffee liqueur flavors.

Iron Horse Blend

Dark roast, 100% Columbian coffee, with a smooth finish.

West Rail Blend Coffee

Township 9’s signature blend, medium roast, offering a smooth and balanced cup that can be enjoyed any time of the day.

County Line Blend Coffee

A medium dark roast with a rich yet mellow body, and a clean finish.

County Line Blend Decaf Coffee

A medium dark roast with a rich yet mellow body, and a clean finish without the caffeine.

Twisted Creek Coffee

A dark roast with a smooth blend of butterscotch, caramel and hazelnut flavors.

Hazelnut Hill Coffee

A medium roast with a smooth buttery flavor and aroma of freshly roasted hazelnuts.

Vanilla Junction Coffee

A dark roast with a smooth rich flavor and aroma of French vanilla.


Try one of these sweet and rich cappuccino flavors … French vanilla, cinnamon vanilla nut, mocha charge, English toffee or white chocolate.  Additional flavors “seasonal only” chocolate mint and pumpkin spice.

Hot Chocolate

A delicious and warm hot cocoa beverage.

Iced Tea

A delicious unsweetened tea brewed from one of a kind tea leaves.