Lipton Pure Leaf Tea Pomegranate

An iced tea that stays true to its roots? It’s easy when you use fresh-picked tea leaves and complement them with the sweet flavor of pomegranate. Get refreshed without the compromise.


Lipton Pure Leaf Tea Mint

A delicious taste of authentically brewed tea using real tea leaves with the cool taste of mint.


Lipton Pure Leaf Unsweetened

Taste iced tea the way it was meant to be: brewed from real tea leaves steeped in water and bottled without adding sugar or color. All so you can enjoy the delicious fresh-brewed taste.



Lipton Pure Leaf Sweet

A classic deserves respect, so we paid extra attention to get our Sweet Tea just right. Starting from fresh-picked leaves and sweetened with real sugar for a delicious fresh-brewed taste.


Lipton Pure Leaf Tea Unsweetened Lemon

The deliciously tart flavor of lemon is the perfect companion for fresh-brewed tea. Authentically brewed using real tea leaves and water, for an iced tea that’s, well, exactly how you’d make it.


Lipton Pure Leaf Green Tea Unsweetened

Sip on the crisp, clean taste of green tea. Brewed using real leaves fresh-picked and bottled without adding sugar or color. It’s a light, refreshing flavor, brewed like how you would at home.


Lipton Pure Leaf Raspberry

Raspberry, with its balance of sweet and tangy flavor, perfectly complements our classic iced tea. Always brewed using real tea leaves and sweetened with real sugar, it’s raspberry flavored iced just the way you like it.


Lipton Pure Leaf Peach

Luscious and sweet. Two words that best describe the flavor of peach in our iced tea. Drink in the deliciousness of real-leaf brewed tea, sweetened with real sugar.


Lipton Pure Leaf Tea Extra Sweet

Do you like to indulge in the sweeter things in life? Then our Extra Sweet Tea is for you. Brewed using fresh-picked tea leaves and sweetened with real sugar so every sip is as sweet as the last.


Lipton Pure Leaf Green Tea Honey Not Too Sweet

Sip on the subtle notes of real-leaf brewed green tea combined with just the right amount of deliciously real honey. And at 100 calories per 18.5 fl. Oz. bottle, you can go ahead and treat yourself.


Lipton Pure Leaf Tea & Lemonade

It goes by many names, but for us there’s only one way to make it. Start with fresh-picked leaves brewed just right, add lemon for balance and finish it with real sugar.